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Affect the thickness of the wire drawing machine wire drawing is not the same as what's the reason

by:HONTA     2020-07-23

domestic wire drawing machine to form the old fashioned pulley wire drawing machine, with double mandrel, straight into the type, loop type, tuning roller straight-line, modular and all kinds of the present situation of the water tank drawer coexist. Affect the thickness of the wire drawing machine wire drawing is not the same as what's the cause of drawing out the cause of non-uniform transverse thickness of thin film 1, the material of the die is not good, and the machining accuracy is not enough 2, uneven 3 die clearance, die clearance through the narrow 4, mold temperature to adjust the parts not suitable 5, head pressure less than the cause of non-uniform thickness of longitudinal 1, 2, flat wire skidding on the traction roller chain or belt skid 3, traction tension system of uneven stretch 4, sink surface wave 5, the screw and cylinder clearance is too large, the temperature does not melt film caused by temperature fluctuations in July and plasticizing caused bad 8, traction resonance caused by membrane fluctuation of molten 9, plastic membrane volatility within the screw conveying without compaction weak matters related to the above is the wire drawing machine, hope to be able to help you

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