HONTA focus on wire drawing machine and other wire machine since 2006. Pursue excellence, surpass ourselves.  Make Chinese wire machine serves world.

Any manufacturers to customize wire drawing machine parts?
In China, there are many manufacturers providing customization service of wire drawing machine . You can find them by using some of the most well-known platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, etc. The critical step is to find the supplier according to the volume of the customized product needed. It is important to note that a manufacturer is very unlikely to work with you for customization service if the purchase volume is too low. In this case, it is recommended to buy un-customized “off the shelf” products until you test the market and make a new purchase of larger order. Sometimes working with a middle man is a great way to start small and reduce the total risk when trying new products.

Kunshan City Hongtai Machinery & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. dominates wide maker of wire drawing machine. HONTA Wire Drawing Machine produces a number of different product series, including wire drawing machine parts. This product has unparalleled advantages of other products, such as long life and stable performance. Fully immersed lubrication cooling to ensure the quality of the wire. The application prospects of this product become more and more extensive. The product is not prone to get corroded.

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