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Architectural mesh USES in various fields

by:HONTA     2020-08-26

construction mesh used in transportation, highway, highway concrete pavement and bridge deck pavement layer of soft ground, ground surface crack, toll plaza concrete piers, railway station, station square and cargo concrete ground, airport runway, freight yard and the square concrete ground, tunnel lining, terminals, ports, etc.

construction mesh used in municipal construction: elevated overpass surface pavement, square concrete ground, coagulation TuGuan, fence, slope protection, etc. ; Hydraulic power coal, water conservancy facilities, electric power dam foundation, fence, etc. ; Architectural mesh to use in other aspects: flood control facilities collapse and slope reinforcement and protection, husbandry, animal husbandry, etc. In building the net film due to shrinkage of cement mortar with high intensity, large, flexible deformation is not enough, direct effect on the outside of the insulation layer, the weather is bad, and cause cracking. To solve this problem, must use dedicated anti-crack mortar and complemented by reasonable enhancement of the net - Add wire mesh in cement anti-crack mortar. Wire mesh anticorrosive good 12 should be adopted. 7×12. 7 mm galvanized steel wire welded wire mesh. Galvanized steel wire net 80 ㎜ long bolts into quincuncial piles type ( Distance between 50 ㎝) Rivet into the wall, and then do a permeability anti-crack mortar, doing brick construction finally.

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