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Automatic control model of wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-06-23

automatic wire drawing machine is mainly used for stainless steel, copper, aluminium, etc on the surface of wire drawing processing, improve the surface finish of the product. Now, wire drawing machine manufacturers and us the automatic wire drawing machine control mode. Automatic wire drawing machine at present, the mainstream of control mode is - - - - - - - Constant tension automatic control system. The system adopt domestic control units, compact structure, low cost, stable and reliable running. Overcome the main shortcoming of the original machine control system, the line in a bolt capacity is increased significantly.

automatic wire drawing machine automatic constant tension control mode, the tensile and coiling control are done by PLC or industrial computer IPC, PLC and IPC inverter take instructions, and realizes the level stretch of stepless speed regulation and constant tension control of winding. Solution will directly lead to the high cost of the system, the system complex, difficult maintenance, the maintenance cost is high, the system control the issue such as difference of response. From machinery, automatic wire drawing machine can be decomposed into drawing parts and take-up, from electrical control can be decomposed into drawing stepless speed control and the constant tension winding synchronous control, through the tension of swinging rod position changes, the feedback control system, through the automatic operation, change the winding motor speed, so as to achieve winding and drawing two link reflects the constant tension and speed synchronization, and through the wire guide wheel motor, can be different as the speed of winding, the finished product evenly wire winding on the winding wheel, in order to realize the drawing of metal materials processing. Improve the automatic wire drawing machine drawing speed is an important means to improve the production efficiency, but in the automatic wire drawing machine high drawing speed, starting moment of steel wire is easy to be pulled apart or cause drag mark. Therefore, in choose high speed automatic wire drawing machine, the configuration should be paid attention to the appropriate speed regulating device, and pay attention to in the process of operation speed steadily, so as to ensure the normal continuity for the drawing. Automatic wire drawing machine system is a speed control requirements is very high, a mechanical device, the control system can provide a very accurate and smooth linear velocity. Automatic wire drawing machine is more complex, the whole system control equipment, and requires coordination of various motor. Wire drawing machine supplies the system USES four Kinco servo motor control servo bus communication support, fully meet the real-time interaction between data real-time data exchange between each group of each shaft of the servo. Need a quick view of the interaction between the motor shaft system, in order to ensure that in accordance with the rail lateral side of the algorithm, asking the bank wire can be fast calculation, we also take full advantage of servo KINCO internal firmware function, by the calculation of the drive itself, since the drive motor line line, greatly to omit the traditional automatic wire drawing machine of the control system of the position of the line, and then due to time delay sent to drive, to ensure that line, to minimize delay by the controller.

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