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Automatic drawing machine of some attention problems

by:HONTA     2020-06-25

in the automatic wire drawing machine operation, first of all, in front of the boot, we need to choose corresponding fixture based on task, and then press pack good, the next point moving workbench, let the artifacts in the bottom of the abrasive belt, then click on the rise, had better bring artifacts and sand control in just contact state.

mount a job, start the abrasive belt, point forward, rise, workpiece processing, exit the artifacts, check the workpiece quality, in the process of work, if there is any abnormal noise or malfunction, immediately press the stop button, and then check and maintenance the normal before they can work normally. Before that we in the automatic wire drawing machine work what should we do to prepare? Below we summarized such points: equipment and work outside of things, a enough space to work platform. Inspection of the abrasive belt and the number of workpiece machining. Replacement of good cotton tape, at about 3 can work without exception. Before work you must carefully understand the automatic wire drawing machine instructions. Automatic wire drawing machine about wire drawing machine energy saving technology: wire drawing machine with energy-saving technological transformation, has the following improvements: the biggest feature is the saving power of 55%; Greatly improve the comfortable degree of the power supply transformer, and more production equipment can be installed. Wire drawing machine improved the preheating of the fast speed, and DORA out three to four root silk, greatly increased the production; Less the cost of plant ventilation cooling, cylinder temperature is low, appearance WanShanHua the scene of the production environment. At home, with the mechanical industry in this area is very competitive, we are familiar with plastic industry competition is quite fierce. Every enterprise producers consider how to do to reduce the cost of the products and improve the market competitiveness of products, is also one of the biggest problems of the electricity. Electricity in the plastic industry, the relative mechanical equipment in the production of finished product cost occupies the proportion of the more big. If each vendors and manufacturers can achieve maximum power saving work. So not only benefit to the development of their own, and alleviate the national electricity tension and reduce national investment has a very positive role and significance. So, both in terms of wire drawing machine for energy saving transformation, or improvement of plastic industry, we should first of all, starting from the problem of saving electricity.

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