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Avoid steel bending method of up and down

by:HONTA     2020-08-20

methods: avoid steel and bending defects to eliminate non-uniform deformation, should first make two roll reduction is enough big, to meet the requirements of reinforced plastic deformation. Eliminate steel original deformation, achieve the goal of uniform deformation. Guarantee a reasonable and orderly pace of steel, increasing straightening measurement, to ensure the straightening center on a straight line. Standards for straightening roll assembly, ensure correct installation, well-documented. To establish the relationship between BH value and straightening roller spacing, do reasonable roll, roll gap between 1 - 3 mm.

to determine the size of the required pressure, depends mainly on the following aspects: the steel varieties and specifications; To pose the original bending degree of the rolled piece; To be rolled piece of finishing temperature correction; Be on the mechanical properties of the rolled piece correction; Straightening temperature, etc. Avoid torsional Angle steel ultra difference methods: axial position clearly, have increased pressure straightening. Don't beat a 8 roller to separate, should be to adjust its lateral each phase three roller for an adjustment in the unit, guarantee the stability of straightening. Taper of the treatment is often pay attention to check the roller to the position, dynamic situation. Pay attention to under the condition of different gap, the largest selection of straightening force. A survey of H2 and H3 do every batch of spot check, adjust to do. Avoid steel appear on injury, crack and measures of the defective masking method: check the corresponding roller surface wear, deposition of tumor to clear in time; Observation into the steel case, ensure correct entry guide position; Often card amount straightening plates rounded corners and finished the rounded; Formulate the reasonable straightening force, to avoid back to pose; Ensure that steel is lower than 80 ℃ straightening machine; Observe the roll shaft, vertical momentum, to do it in a timely manner to deal with. Can be seen everywhere in modern market level 3 reinforced straightening machine, it is in this way, more very bullish on the prospects for development of enterprise, but our company still want to continuous efforts to develop in the direction of high-end, at a higher standard requests itself, keep breakthrough yourself, beyond myself. To bring customers the most first-class, the best automation level 3 reinforced straightening machine equipment.

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