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Base slabs galvanized equipment of zinc layer adhesion

by:HONTA     2020-08-28

galvanized refers to the surface of metal, alloy or other material coated with a layer of zinc in surface treatment technology in one of the beautiful, rust, etc. Is mainly USES the method of hot dip galvanized. Base slabs galvanized equipment of zinc layer adhesion effect of 1, the surface roughness increases according to the principle of meshing circular plate surface roughness can improve zinc layer adhesion, but in fact, due to the rough original plate, as well as rolling oil, grease and iron powder residues have created favorable conditions, to improve the zinc layer adhesion, or even have a tendency to deteriorate. 2, the chemical composition of substrate chemical composition of the steel substrate effect on the zinc layer adhesion: hot galvanized sheet aluminum low carbon steel as a general base board, the steel base w ( Si is higher, practice shows that the steel base w ( Si) Can cause high Fe - Zinc, alloy layer thickening of intense zeta, form the gray coating, adhesive deteriorate the galvanized layer. Besides c, the influence mechanism in Yu Gangji involved in violent reaction, cause the Fe - Zinc alloy layer thickening, worsening the zinc layer adhesion performance. 3, requirements for hot dip galvanized steel strip surface cleanliness of adhesion to the influence of galvanized zinc layer material usually adopt after pickling, cold rolling steel strip. The strip surface residue mainly fat ( Rolling oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc. ) And tiny solid particles ( Iron powder, dust, etc. ) 。 4, the influence of surface defects, mainly for hot dip galvanized strip surface defects substrate scratch. Cut parts w ( Al) Low, the Fe - Al alloy is less, inhibition of Fe - Zinc alloy's ability to generate poor, making the iron zinc alloy layer of rapid growth, reduce the zinc layer adhesion. Above is galvanized equipment related issues, the hope can help you

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