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Basic knowledge of water tank type wire drawing machine, rounding

by:HONTA     2020-07-03

in the current market, water tank type wire drawing machine product mainly includes two kinds of different types, which can be used to meet the requirements of different production. However, this type is mainly used for drawing some of the specifications of the various kinds of metal wire, in particular the high school low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, bead wire, molybdenum, titanium alloy wire and copper wire aluminum wire materials can play its unique advantages.

for the equipment we have done many times before, so you should already have a certain understanding. In the whole drawing process, actually only need 1 electric motor can drive the mechanical drive or gear box to drive. In different water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, can according to different die configuration, the appropriate adjustments to its drawing white clothing. Drawing speed, however, the benchmark is every moment through die steel wire of the second flow volume. But, must be met such a formula, namely 2 v1 = PI PI D D 2 v2. In this formula, D represents the into the line of wire diameter; V1 represents the linear velocity in the line of wire; D represents the diameter of the wire steel wire; Line wire of linear velocity of v2 says. That is to say, the water tank type wire drawing machine work speed of each drawing head the formula must be met to ensure that all drawing of the head of synchronous operation. However, in the actual drawing process, we are basically by means of the mechanical shaft drawing to achieve the production requirements. For water tank type wire drawing machine, the different mechanical axis is actually under the same main shaft transmission, so the whole tensile system need through online tension between at all levels to keep synchronous coordination working condition. Due to the need for cooling at work, so can have a lot of the cooling effect of the device. That is for you about water tank type wire drawing machine equipment of some basic knowledge, hope to be able to help you. Here we also recommend to more active to understand some relevant content, is have a lot of help for our production work.

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