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Chicken Wire Fencing

by:HONTA     2020-03-28
Ideal for rabbits and chickens This type of fencing is very cheap to supply and install, in fact it's one of the cheapest materials available. To keep the cost down to a minimum you could use split posts and thump them into the ground. Chicken wire can also be buried underground which will stop rabbits etc from burrowing underground and escaping. If you are going to use this type of fencing for your chickens you need to consider the height, as chickens can easily fly over 6 feet high fencing, sometimes it is necessary to make a frame up for a roof and cover this and chicken wire making a total enclosed pen. This is very simple to do and also relatively cheap, it's just a matter of building the framework and then laying the chicken wire on the sides and roof and stapling the chicken wire to the framework. Making a gate however is not quite as simple, I would recommend calling a fencing contractor to deal with this. There are different grades of chicken wire you could use ordinary galvanised or plastic coated generally the colour of coated wire is green. There are also different thicknesses/grade of wire, generally light grade-medium grade-heavy grade. Heavy grade being the most expensive. If this is not suitable the next stage in strength is to use stock fencing. This type of fencing is much more substantial than the actual wire is much thicker. Stock fencing can be used again underground, ideal for keeping dogs in your boundary also great for small livestock.
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