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CNC steel bending hoop machine steel charging process

by:HONTA     2020-08-22

with the development of construction industry, more and more buildings, use in the form of reinforced concrete building, the construction way not only to build fast, also have the function of the earthquake. The principle of its application, is in the use of steel structures, good, the foundation of building architecture, injection of cement into it, such as cement condensation and then add protective layer on the wall. When set up the structure of the architecture, stirrup is one of the basic components. We tend to use stirrups to fixed, other vertical stiffener.

the more complex structures, use the more types of stirrups. Stirrup roughly divided into two kinds, from the material is a kind of circular stirrup, using a light circular reinforced bending; Another kind of ribbed reinforcement, using the cold-rolled ribbed steel bar bending. Today is to introduce you to, we can production, various types of stirrup machine, CNC steel bending hoop machine. Before the numerical control machine, people also can use simple mechanical manufacturing stirrup, but efficiency is very low. Along with the construction of the use amount of stirrup increasing, traditional way of work, more and more can't meet the needs of production, CNC steel bending hoop machine was born at this moment, its efficiency, good bending hoop quality characteristics of received a lot of manufacturers. General steel bending hoop opportunities exist in two places, one is construction site, is a kind of steel processing and distribution center. General construction site of the stirrups are bought by steel processing center, but in the construction will have special case, so most of the construction units will be equipped with one or several reinforced bending hoop machine, for a rainy day. Nc reinforced bending hoop machine is one of the necessary production machine steel processing enterprises. Because it is a processing and steel professional organizations, so its performance requirements of the machine is very high. In general reinforced by disc placed, reinforcement in nc bending hoop machine in the feed and straightening was conducted at the same time, reinforced by nc reinforced bending hoop closed to two groups of pulley drive below, into the hoop bending machine, the reinforcement in the contact wheel at the same time automatic straightening. The first set of pulley is made up of chain wheel and a second group of pulley of links, and a second group of pulley is driven directly by the motor for, so when a second group of pulley is working, the first group of pulley will follow movement, so as to realize the process of reinforcement material in.

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