HONTA focus on wire drawing machine and other wire machine since 2006. Pursue excellence, surpass ourselves.  Make Chinese wire machine serves world.


We are expecting to share with the global market !

Charles Tan


Phone : +8613952441218                                  Tel:+86-515-85391158-8002                                     E-mail : tlc@kshonta.com

Kitty Zhou

Vice G.M.

Phone : +8615962641686                                   Tel:+86-0512-57077818                                   E-mail :kittyzhou@kshonta.com

Tina Tian

Export G.M.

Phone : +8613851033917                                   Tel:+86-0512-57077818                                    E-mail : tina.tian@jshonta.com

Tammy Wong

Export Manager

Phone : +8618262879467                                   Tel:+86-0515-85391158-8024                            E-mail : tammy@jshonta.com

Dean Zhang

Honta Inc.(USA factory)

Phone : +1 90837 03117                                       E-mail :dzhang@HontaInc.com


Communication and cooperation bring perfect close links and unlimited benefits.

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