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Different zinc plating

by:HONTA     2020-09-02

mechanical galvanizing process according to the following process: artifacts after oil removal, rust removal, together with the impact of medium to join galvanized machine roller, adding suitable amount of water, according to the workpiece is plating area to join copper sulfate in workpiece surface deposition out a copper layer ( Called & quot; Flash copper & quot; ) ; Then add a small amount of zinc powder and activator, copper layer on the sedimentary out a zinc layer ( Called & quot; Flash zinc & quot; ) Gradually, after entering the zinc layer deposition process, according to the requirement of the coating.

at a certain time interval, which in turn add zinc powder and activator, stay after zinc layer deposition, after 5 ~ 10 min strengthening phase, make the zinc layer becomes even, meticulous, can be poured out from the drum, artifacts and separation medium, and then clean and dry. Mechanical galvanizing main equipment of the main equipment of mechanical galvanizing must be plated workpiece is a can blossom, glass beads, plating solution, and the container of raw material, at the same time provide parts, glass beads, metal powder to produce mechanical collision mechanical energy, motion of container material flow environment. In order to make zinc powder deposition in workpiece surface. According to the above requirements designed adjustable speed loop speed swinging mechanical galvanizing equipment, this equipment adopts adjustable speed motor and speed reducer drum speed rotation ( FIG. 1) In different speed, to adapt to a variety of relative impact velocity of plating parts needed. In addition, USES a pair of gears and electrical control, galvanized drum can cycle swings between 20 ° to 60 °, avoids the artifacts in the partial poly rollers, can at the same time around the support shaft to rotate 360 °. In order to meet the different discharge position. The device has the function of adjustable speed and swing, fully meet the change of mechanical galvanizing on impact velocity and homogeneous function requirement, the function of the equipment cost more reasonable, and reliable performance, strong practicability, simple operation. Different galvanizing technology compared with the country's emphasis on clean production in recent years, the corresponding environmental protection laws and regulations, to strengthen the application of traditional galvanized process by certain restrictions. Cleaner production in essence, is the production process and product adopt overall preventive environmental strategy, reduce or eliminate they might harm to human and environment, fully satisfy human needs at the same time, make the social and economic benefits of * a kind of production pattern. Specific measures include: improving design; Use of clean energy and raw materials; The use of advanced technology and equipment; Improve management; The comprehensive utilization; From the source to cut pollution and improve the efficiency of resource utilization. To reduce or avoid the production, services and products used in the process of pollutants and emissions. Currently, electroplating and hot galvanizing is galvanized process should be broad, so want to in the field promotion of clean galvanized, galvanized to electroplating and hot dip galvanized. Electric galvanized is under the effect of direct current (dc) make the zinc ions in the electrolyte in electrochemical reduction and deposition to the steel substrate surface. Hot galvanizing technology was immersed steel workpiece in molten zinc liquid, remove in a short time and rapid cooling, the in the galvanized layer surface formation. These two kinds of galvanizing process in the production process of gas and liquid discharge damage to the environment, and have higher energy consumption and material consumption. To evaluate the mechanical galvanizing process of cleaner production, mainly from the coating performance, the impact on the environment, with the production equipment of electroplating and hot dip galvanized.

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