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Drawing machine of straight into the prospect of development

by:HONTA     2020-06-28

in the past two years, the domestic wire drawing machine industry in the development of the overall quality level of a, its overall quality compared with foreign advanced straight into type wire drawing machine, the gap between also in slowly shrink, and in terms of price and even beyond some of the same kind of products abroad.

ascension along with our country in the field of mechanical processing technology, frequency converter in control technology has been popularized and applied. Our domestic manufacturers produced inverted wire drawing machine and water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, can have been into the high-grade wire drawing machine in the industry. Some manufacturers of big drum wire drawing machine has been widely applied to the PC in the manufacture of a certain degree of substitute for imported equipment; Other straight into type wire drawing machine is widely used in some domestic welding materials production factories. High speed straight into the type of wire drawing machine is all kinds of copper wire, double wire, steel wire and aluminum wire wire, such as a central processing equipment, mainly is effective to improve the speed of processing, because straight into type wire drawing machine not only improved the labor productivity, also effectively change the metallographic structures between the metal materials, because of the metal wire, the increase of strength and toughness has a different degree of the effective to improve the quality of the product.

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