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Drawing machining methods of various kinds of lines

by:HONTA     2020-08-11

wire drawing machine is more widely used in industrial application of a mechanical equipment, in the actual operation process, different users are different to the requirement of line, therefore require wire drawing machine shall be handled according to the specific. Here is about this aspect of knowledge, can help you better grasp the wire drawing machine. First on the snow pattern processing method, it is generally in view of the square tube, because the process has the certain difficulty, so most would choose automatic wire drawing machine. And about the machine's speed and oscillation frequency to the provisions of the color line easily won't be able to meet the requirements; In addition, the choice of the grinding material is the key, directly affect the snow pattern visual effect and feel, for now, more with wire drawing wheel or nylon belt. Another is handling of hair silking, line most of this kind of wire drawing machine can complete, such as ordinary flat wire drawing machine, manual wire drawing machine, automatic wire drawing machine, flat wire drawing machine, such as selection of grinding materials for small roller brush and two kinds of microfiber cloth, under their role, can obtain more ideal.


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