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Drawing receive a volume control mode and problems

by:HONTA     2020-08-08

for wire drawing machine, winding link is also important, in the winding process, water tank type wire drawing machine winding link is the key link in the equipment control system, the link is also a direct impact on the quality of the steel wire. There are three kinds of the main control mode, the tension roller is a kind of adjustment, when winding tension by tension roll their own weight to ensure that. Another is to use the torque control, winding tension when decided by the torque of a given size, but because of the change of the roll diameter lead to uneven take-up tension. For the technological requirements of high water tank wire drawing machine, usually adopt a kind of control mode, use of frequency converter ACS510 PID correction function control tension roller. In the user operating water tank wire drawing machine equipment, often encounter some trouble. The more common problems include equipment host could not be started, and frequently the phenomenon of the emergence of broken wires, etc. Why do we begin by analyzing the wire drawing machine equipment appeared unable to start such a problem.

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