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Due to pull wire drawing machine monofilament surface oxidation and the reasons for the phenomenon of broken wires

by:HONTA     2020-06-22

wire drawing machine for the pretreatment of the wire or rod quality is directly related to standard parts and other metal products production enterprise of product quality. Belongs to the metal products industry metal wire wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine is widely used in steel wire, wire rope, PC wire, standard parts and other metal products production and processing. Pull caused by wire drawing machine monofilament surface oxidation reason isn't enough cooling liquid of saponification liquid content in the sealed chamber, this will increase the friction force of monofilament with the idler pulley, thereby enabling monofilament temperature rise again, causing monofilament surface oxidation. Seal chamber of the cooling water pressure and water quantity is not enough, make monofilament cannot achieve satisfactory cooling effect. Seal chamber of the cooling water temperature is too high, more than 40 ℃, the sealed chamber of monofilament is less than the required cooling effect, causing monofilament after annealing temperature is still high, high temperatures in the presence of oxygen in the air. Solution check cooling circulating water device is working properly, cooling effect is normal; Every time after joining in the sealed chamber can improve saponification liquid concentration of substances, so that we can change the saponification liquid content in the cooling water, monofilament to ensure normal operation on the idler pulley; Check the water pressure is normal, of circulating water in production continuously according to the variation of water pressure to change into the sealed chamber in the cooling water pressure and water. Wire drawing production appeared frequently broken wires causes all kinds of rod material quality problem, in the process of production, rod irregularly. Quality defects, which makes monofilament was all sorts of unpredictable tension in the wire drawing deformation pulled apart or cause drag mark. Less frequent when the situation in the rod material is good. Annealing current is not constant in production, the current is suddenly on the high side, monofilament is pulled or by mutations in the process of annealing the strong current of fuse. Wire drawing die in the uninterrupted production due to normal wear and make the drawing die of sizing area. Solution before production, to the production of copper rod to do fully self-check, found the quality defects of the copper rod in time, timely find corresponding countermeasures according to different situations, or reduce the drawing speed, or defective out this paragraph. Constantly observe the drawing of annealing in the production of electric current is normal, especially when just starting, paying special attention to the annealing current change, according to the changes in line speed to adjust the size of the annealing current, thus makes annealing current gradually increased with the increase of wire speed, ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Above is the wire drawing machine related matters, hope to be able to help you

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