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Even the tank dry how to install and placed instead of the pulley of wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-04-04
Even after the pot dry wire drawing machine in handling transport, after a long or short on arrival will need to set it, so even the tank dry pulley and the placement of wire drawing machine and the installation process should pay attention to what? 1. Wire drawing machine should be placed in dry and ventilated environment to avoid moisture, more can't contact by the rain, and other wet material, to avoid the consequences caused by corrosion; If the wire drawing machine is placed in the outdoor environment should keep the necessary proof of the above as soon as possible the rain sun protection device, in order to prevent wire drawing machine is rain in the sun. 2. Because of wire drawing machine is made of iron products, in order to avoid the corrosion, placed in the wire drawing machine must choose as far as possible away from the corrosive gas, chemicals and other corrosive goods, such as pickling tank, zinc bath, etc. , at the same time, placed around the wire drawing equipment to be free of combustible materials. 3. Wiredrawing equipment will produce a lot of dust in the process of work, so when placed wire drawing machine should as far as possible away from the wire welding machine, welding equipment, in order to avoid dust wiredrawing equipment produced by the butt welding net cause pollution and appear unstable phenomenon of welding equipment. 4. Should place the wire drawing machine and cannot too close to the distance between the feed table, otherwise it will affect the application in the process of wire drawing steel need the tension, the distance is 1200 - the diameter of the steel 1500 times. 5. Because of wire drawing machine is likely to appear in the working process of the steel is pulled, due to the parts of rotational inertia, wire drawing machine is pulled the steel bar in just off the beginning of continue to rotate around and cause as well as the phenomenon of swing up and down, and not easy to control, so when placed wiredrawing equipment should be 2 - around it The range of 3 meters can set fence, lest caused by broken wires irrelevant personnel were injured. 6. Wire drawing machine of the host should keep enough distance between and operation control cabinet, moisturizing 4 - at least in general 5 meters, and operation counters should try to stay away from the wire drawing machine of the first and the second pot, which ensures that the operating personnel in the operation of the tank to operate in a timely manner to the work situation of each tank for the switch machine operation. 7. Placement of wire drawing machine surface should be smooth, even the tank dry pulley wire drawing machine due to its large, and it has very big weight, so during the installation process does not need to anchor bolts or screw to secure, only need the whole drawing equipment machinery stable can be placed on the ground.
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