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Flat wire drawing machine is how to work

by:HONTA     2020-07-26
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about the wire drawing machine and features, we have spoken in front of a lot of relevant knowledge. Small make up today will be on plane wire drawing machine wire drawing processing the surface of the work of specific discussion, explain for everybody which contains some of the details of sex, so as to deepen people's understanding.

wiredrawing processing, in fact, a kind of measures can effectively improve the appearance of the artifact effect. For wire drawing machine, refers to using abrasive products in the workpiece surface to form lines, forming different adornment effect. Due to the surface of wire drawing processing can reflect the texture of the metal materials, so get popular with more and more users and more and more widely used. And, of course, for different metal materials used in the treatment of also have different, this can also be flexible according to the actual needs of the user to choose. Usually have this several ways of dealing with, respectively is: sand blasting, polishing, embossing, electroplating, painting, and drawing. Than any other way to handle it, wire drawing processing effect is very good, it can make the metal surface to form a very beautiful luster, have very strong adornment effect like silk satin, very welcomed by consumers, therefore, through the wire drawing machine wire drawing processing products got great recognition. Under the direction of this demand, our country domestic wire drawing technology level also had the very big promotion, now through the use of flat wire drawing machine, combined with the use of precision linear guide, can not only guarantee the flatness, can guarantee the dimensional accuracy. Combined with unique automatic control of grinding feed, time and can greatly reduce the labor, and to achieve high accuracy. Today, the overall development of the application field also got, can change almost every aspect of society, from all kinds of hardware products to household products, etc. , and recently a period of time the rise of all kinds of 3 c digital products is flat wire drawing machine wire drawing applications to a climax, such as laptop panel and keyboard plate and mobile phone panels, etc.

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