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Galvanized equipment automatic plating line how to work

by:HONTA     2020-08-15

automatic plating line just programmed course, electroplating production usually use organic solvent to skim oil removal of artifacts, commonly used organic solvent gasoline, kerosene, acetone, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride, etc. ; The rest, also use old coating, paint remover removal using the hood light ( Closed) Paint coating for closed and so on, the paint remover contains a large number of methylene chloride solvent, and the rest of the machine cover light ( Closed) Paint also contains a variety of organic solvents.

this kind of work need to antivirus protection work. The small make up under the simple introduction for you. Such as nickel plating, Yin was plated parts, Yang very pure nickel plate, the Yin and Yang very farewell respond as follows: the cathode ( Plating) :Ni2 + + 2 e→Ni ( The main reaction) 2H++2e→H2↑( The adverse event) The anode ( Nickel plate) :Ni - 2 e→Ni2 + ( The main reaction) 4哦- - - - - - - 4 e→2水+ O2 + 4 e ( The adverse event) Not all of the metal ions can out of from the precipitation in aqueous solution. If the cathodic hydrogen ions on the recovery of hydrogen side effects of key status and metal ions, less precipitation on the cathode. According to the test, the possibility of metal ions from aqueous solution CLP precipitation, certainly can be obtained from the periodic table of the discipline. Anode was divided into soluble and insoluble anode, large countless Yang very soluble anode and corresponding coating, such as: galvanized zinc anode, silver for silver anode, tin - The use of tin lead alloy Lead alloy anode. But because a small amount of electroplating anode dissolve trouble, use of insoluble anode, such as acid plating is more for platinum or titanium anode. Plating solution of main salt ions by increasing good standard gold solution to complement. Chromium plating anode using pure lead, lead - Tin alloy, lead - Antimony alloy such as insoluble anode. Plating equipment to electroplating processing according to the technological requirements, the light has the power and plating tank is not able to, also must have some guarantee normal production plating auxiliary equipment. Plating equipment value contains the heating or cooling equipment, cathode or mixing equipment, plating solution circulation or filtering equipment and necessary accessories such as plating tank electrode rod, electrode wire, anode and anode baskets, electroplating, etc. Heating or cooling devices due to the plating solution needs work under certain temperature, so for the plating tank is equipped with heating devices. Demand such as bright nickel plating solution temperature maintained at 50 ℃, the temperature of the chrome plated demand is 50 ~ 60 ℃, and acid bright copper plating, or shiny silver plating requirements within 30 ℃ temperature. So, the demand for these technical requirements to meet with heat exchange equipment. About the heating usually choose direct heating method. Cathode or some kind of plating device might say most kinds of plating cathode wobble form demand, so might as well increase the working current, make the plating solution carry out proper role ( Normal brightness and distribution of power) Might as well, and prevention tips, edge plating MAO, burning. Some kind of plating might as well use mechanical or alternative cathode mobile air mixing. Mechanical agitation is made of corrosion resistance of the raw material mixer, often is the electric motor, but speed is not too high. Beginning and end of the air mixing chooses the contraction of the air filter to remove grease. Filtering and loop filtering equipment in order to ensure the quality of electroplating, plating solution needs to filter on a regular basis. Some kinds of plating can also require in the work constantly loop filter. Filter is a common equipment in chemical industry, so there is a industry standard equipment. But also so their own rules. According to the kind of situation and plated on tank size and select filter process requirements.

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