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Galvanized iron wire equipment

by:HONTA     2020-08-13
Using the

galvanized iron wire equipment - - - - - - Pickling considerations generally hardware factory and machinery factory production of wire, or use of galvanized iron wire equipment according to customer requirements to produce the galvanized iron wire. Difference is very big, galvanized iron wire and the wire general iron wire price is cheap, and because the iron is not very stable, easy to rust in wet place, so the stability is not very good, also is not very long service life.

galvanized iron wire on the outside of the wire on a stable layer of zinc plating, to protect the wire with zinc layer, make the wire longer service life. So is machinery factory must learn to use galvanized iron wire equipment. Galvanized iron wire equipment before use there is a very important step, is for acid pickling of iron. Pickling is to use some kind of acid mist or acid wash away some of the oxide on the surface of the iron, rust, there are some other corrosive, achieve the purpose of cleaning iron, galvanized zinc loss when it is so. Pickling is necessary for us to note that when acid has a strong corrosive, so why add acid, must pour acid into the water, and it is along the cylinder wall, not a splash down, lest cause splash. Remember to pour acid, the order of the acid into the water instead of water into the acid, we also learned in high school, will cause the splash and boiling water into the acid, must wear safety glasses when pour acid, to make sure no those non-professional personnel, so as not to cause some danger, splashed acid.

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