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Galvanized iron wire galvanizing process of the equipment

by:HONTA     2020-08-12

galvanized iron wire equipment galvanized process with the enlargement of the application scope of galvanized iron wire, galvanized iron wire equipment also arises at the historic moment. Let's talk about galvanized iron wire equipment in production process of galvanized iron wire, galvanized process! A:

process electric short circuit tempering. On a wire set a variety of voltage, adopt the mutual interference mode. Here the first voltage is called the electric voltage, short circuit tempering used generally adopt safe voltage. Flow 2: galvanized. When the first round is completed, he will put in galvanized wire even at the same time, in accordance with the formula configuration electrolyte in the fluid, when the scope of the hydrometer to process, after can have electricity, into the galvanizing process. Three processes: check the galvanized surface. When the above two steps are completed, also is the equivalent of galvanized iron wire is already finished, and then check the surface of galvanized iron wire, to ensure that the quality of the galvanized iron wire, so the wire surface must not have wool top silk, can not have crack, there can be no pitting or dark spots, and cannot be dezincification! Above is made of galvanized iron wire galvanized iron wire process of a simple introduction, by the known, galvanized iron wire is according to the strict process steps to make, have a friend interested in galvanized iron wire, also can through this website for further understanding!

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