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HONTA Top wire manufacturing machine supply for wire cable making

HONTA Top wire manufacturing machine supply for wire cable making

HONTA Top wire manufacturing machine supply for wire cable making

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In the production, HONTA Wire Machine believes that detail determines result and quality creates brand. This is the reason that we strive for excellence in every product detail.wire machine is in line with the stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high.
Company Advantages
1. HONTA wire winding machine is manufactured using quality raw material and comes in a variety of innovative designs.
2. The product is robust in construction. It has a mechanically robust design that can withstand the operating conditions and environments to which it is exposed.
3. The product is not likely to leak. Its transmission device is built with a function to control overpressure and avoid leakage.
4. Kunshan City Hongtai Machinery & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. independently researched and developed key technology to ensure the quality of wire manufacturing machine .
5. Kunshan City Hongtai Machinery & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is totally responsible for the quality of wire manufacturing machine .

Company Features
1. Kunshan City Hongtai Machinery & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. has established a worldwide famous brand since established.
2. we have successfully developed a variety of wire manufacturing machine series.
3. The key value of our company is flexibility, communication and true level, proper support. We strive our best for customer satisfaction. To ensure timely delivery, we use an efficient project management system. It allows us to invite all our managers and assign tasks to them within a given time frame. Get info! As a socially responsible business, we continuously improve and track environmental performance, and improve the understanding and guidance of the environment for all employees. We uphold friendly and harmonious business ethics. We adopt the marketing techniques that are fair and honest and avoid any advertisement that misleads the customers.

new project waste copper recycling machine in China


Copper sulfate production equipment


Copper sulfate production equipment

By my company after years of research, with purple copper as raw material to produce copper sulphate production technology and special equipment to achieve the perfect level, has the following features: production (24 hours) 1-10 tons of copper sulfate and other different type equipment.


1,Normal product quality can reach 96% under the condition of industrial, agricultural, 98% feed grade and electroplating grade product, qualification requirements.


2,Integrated power consumption per ton of copper sulphate products 80 degrees or less.


3,Do not need to form a complete set of boiler, air compressor and other equipment, product line covers an area of small, less investment, choose and employ persons, the production process have a certain degree of automation.


4,Excellent operating environment, the environmental protection index.


5,Can provide a full range of design and non-standard equipment supply, and is responsible for the installation supervision, personnel training, debugging to mark one year free service.


Introduction of production line

The production of copper sulphate pentahydrate equipment connection diagram:


2,Production technology introduction:




Raw material: purple miscellaneous copper, wire, sheet, block, powder, etc.), sulfuric acid industrial grade, industrial water, C1 - content & le: 30 mg/L; Cooling water has no special requirements.


(2)Copper material selection process


Copper material to sorting, eliminate iron, aluminum and other visible metal, bare copper wire can not burn, enameled wire can be used only by the burning.


(3)Dissolve copper process:


Soluble copper liquid from the mother liquor before preparation of sulfuric acid, water, and soluble copper in micro bubble dissolved copper kettle, soluble copper temperature around 85-90 . Liquid after dissolved copper (copper about 180 g/L, the proportion of 1.38 to 1.42) into the settler.


(4)Sedimentation process:


Microbubble faintly soluble copper kettle self-provided float drainage component and swirl solid-liquid separation, sedimentation process of setting up the settler a further separation and water separation of content into the liquid pool, after impurities removal solution into the mother liquid pool.


(5)Crystallization process:


After settling process of cleaning solution in the crystallization process.


Copper sulfate crystallization in rotary force completed the crystallization machine, cold water is provided by the cooling tower system, used in cooling water circulation. After the crystallization process of copper sulphate product in 1-4 mm particles precipitate from the solution, the crystal slurry (+ crystal mother liquor), the temperature can drop to near room temperature, crystallization rate generally about 70%. Crystal slurry into the thick device for a preliminary solid-liquid separation, mother liquor back in mother liquid pool, crystal after accumulated to a certain amount into the washing drying processes.


(6)Washing drying processes:


Crystal slurry by the thick bottom valve in a centrifugal filter, the liquid - water washing off - weighing packaging after dry.


Equipment advantages


1.Monomer can be run, do not need other air compressor, boiler and other supporting facilities


2.High efficiency, since the heat run, atmospheric pressure equipment


3.Less land needed


4.Automatic oil removal, etc


5.Occupy less raw material quantity, occupy less money


6.Simple operation, mechanization, simple maintenance


7.Can provide one year free technical support in the contract


Soluble copper kettle technology introduction

Chemical stability due to copper, copper in non oxidizing acid dissolution is very difficult, plus oxidant is currently accepted method of dissolved copper. Soluble copper kettle in the process of practice is in dilute sulphuric acid soluble copper equipment such as zhongtong into the air (the most cheap oxidant) to realize the copper dissolved.


It is generally believed that copper dissolved in the general air of acid typical electrochemical reaction process, access to adequate air oxidation potential of the guarantee solution should be able to make the reaction smoothly, but in fact use "neutralizing tank" dissolve copper is still slow (dissolution rate is generally 2 kg per cubic meters per hour). We believe that in addition to the electrochemical process, should have other process, such as the surface of the copper oxidation by air directly into copper oxide, and copper oxide reaction with acid. Copper surface is easily oxidized in the air, son copper oxide and acid reaction is typical of acid-base reaction, so as long as you provide better conditions for the surface oxidation of copper, soluble copper speed, which may be greatly improved. Micro bubble soluble copper kettle is based on the above ideas through a large number of experiments successfully developed a new soluble copper equipment, the key measure is to pass into the air in the form of micro bubbles of neutralizing tank mixed with acid emulsion, micro bubbles and copper materials have a good contact with the opportunity, oxidation speed increase, making equipment.


Because microbubble dissolved copper kettle oxidant at work (air) utilization rate can reach more than 30%, so no longer need to pass into excess air, thereby reducing the reaction heat loss, timely in low acidity of sulfuric acid (< 30 g/l), under the condition of the micro bubble soluble copper kettle can still achieve the thermal response, and even the hot start. At the same time due to the smaller ventilation in micro bubble surface covered, make out the reaction of the exhaust gas greatly improved environmental indicators.


Micro bubble dissolved copper used to dissolve copper, in the leaching of a variety of alloy has good use prospect. Practice has proved that the micro bubble soluble copper kettle in copper - nickel, copper, cobalt, copper and tin alloy, such as leaching has also made gratifying progress. Micro bubble solution technology of copper hydrometallurgy comprehensive recycling provides a new process route and equipment selection.


Micro bubble soluble copper kettle as a kind of solid liquid gas three phase reaction equipment, physical size of solid materials has good adaptability, depending on the size of the material (block, piece, silk, grain, powder) respectively in fixed bed, half fixed bed, fluidized bed form work, has the certain universality.


Equipment main technical and economic indicators


1,Soluble copper speed:≥18kg/h.m3


2,Power consumption per ton of copper:≤350kw.h


3,direct recovery rate:99.9%


4,Flue gas (sulfuric acid):≤50mg/m3



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