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Hot dip galvanized wire production process is introduced

by:HONTA     2020-06-29

galvanized iron wire equipment is now used in many enterprises, but at the same time, we also know that there are two kinds of galvanized iron wire, galvanized iron wire, electric galvanized iron wire, according to two different production process, we look at the detailed understanding.

hot dip galvanized iron wire equipment production: hot dip galvanized wire # 5 - 28 #, including 500 - 1000 kilograms of the market hot dipped galvanized wire. We produce galvanized wire with national standard low carbon steel wire drawing molding, pickling derusting, high temperature annealing process refined but become. Hot dip galvanized iron wire has the characteristics of strong flexibility and good plasticity, the amount of zinc can be up to 360 g/m2, welcome by customers. We also can provide various specifications galvanized wire according to customer's requirements. Hot dip galvanized iron wire equipment used high quality carbon structural steel, after drawing, hot dip galvanized processing. Widely used in manufacturing wire mesh, highway barrier, and construction projects. It has coating thickness, strong corrosion resistance, firm coating, etc. And we can according to user's special requirements, according to industry standards to provide all kinds of galvanized wire. When you in choosing a galvanized iron wire equipment, if you have any questions, you can by consulting our equipment and technical personnel, systematic understanding.

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