HONTA focus on wire drawing machine and other wire machine since 2006. Pursue excellence, surpass ourselves.  Make Chinese wire machine serves world.

How many production lines does HONTA Wire Drawing Machine run?
In order to satisfy the market demands for double twist bunching machine , Kunshan City Hongtai Machinery & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. sets up several production lines consisting of adequate processing machines and proficient workers. The production lines perform well in productivity increase and labour cost saving. In the business peaks, these production lines can work normally to fulfill seasonal output objectives. While in business troughs, we will use some of the production lines to reduce redundancy and unnecessary expenses. On the whole, these product lines play an important role in the supply of the product.

HONTA Wire Drawing Machine is a specialized enterprise with manufacture, product injection, and product processing in a whole. HONTA Wire Drawing Machine produces a number of different product series, including wire drawing machine. The design of HONTA double twist bunching machine covers many essentials in the fashion industry. The essentials mainly include color, silhouette, proportion, fabric, texture, sampling flat pattern, cutting and so on. The speed of the drum wheel can be adjusted. In tune with the track of market development, the product is widely accepted by customers. Its rotating shaft is structured of durable steel materials.

Since the company has expanded to a larger scale, it dedicates to the community and society development by improving the living standard in where customers and employees live and work. Please contact us!
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