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How to adjust the production efficiency of aluminum wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-22

for wire drawing machine, its working process can be divided roughly into three links of different links to its production will have different effects, one of the links, we usually call it, the link is related to the overall production efficiency and production quality, therefore, is very important for the work of production.

first of all, we should first learn of its control system. This is because, for aluminum wire drawing machine, wants to boost its production efficiency, so it must be met for the speed control. Such manipulation of the system, not only can provide a very precise and reasonable to the production of linear velocity, but also can meet the requirement for aluminium wire drawing such a high production work. Compared with other process, the operation process is more complex, not only need aluminum wire drawing machine parts of collaborative work with, and. Even at the same time meet the line speed control device. The equipment department chooses four servo motor control at the same time, and then through the bus communication support, to satisfy the real-time interaction between different data real-time data exchange between each group of each axis servo reinforced straightening cutting machine. In the practical work, the staff should pay attention to according to the different wire specifications to choose appropriate wire drawing machine equipment, due to the different equipment, the line speed is different also, the motor power of the equipment is different also, if you pull a string cable with large size equipment, not only will appear break phenomenon, can also lead to speed too slow, inefficient, and if you use a small specifications of the equipment to hot thick line, can appear the phenomenon such as fixed. What can we learn from the above that, the device is actually reduces the equipment control system of the traditional orientation of the lines, to complete the calculation, and then according to the time delay is sent to the drive, ensure the line line, to minimize delay caused by manipulation of the device. The line in aluminum wire drawing machine adopts double disk, thus has a high degree of automation of the machine, at the same time, guarantee the production efficiency.

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