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How to choose good quality wire drawing machine? Inverted wire drawing machine correct operation is introduced

by:HONTA     2020-04-12
What kind of wire drawing machine quality is the best? Due to the use of wire drawing machine and the nature of the job, the resolution to the quality of a wire drawing machine needs outstanding guarantee, high intensity of operation is an important target of quality inspection of wire drawing machine and test method, the first-class quality and after-sales service is what you need. ; Hebei anping's bright screen machinery factory mainly produces wire drawing machine, steel wire drawing machine, cold wire drawing machine, cold rolled ribbed equipment, wire drawing machine equipment, products widely used in all kinds of steel to a file, building construction site, cement products and cement pole, wire drawing factory and steel distribution company light garden and with steel bar straightening and block. Lead, quality first-class, set up the outstanding reputation in the customers. Our factory produce cold wire drawing machine has the energy saving efficiency, high output, low noise, convenient adjustment, use short, simple protection, less wearing parts, users to use and easy to fit and other advantages. Welcome your visit and negotiate! How to correct operation handstand type wire drawing machine; One, the first device on the inverted type wire drawing machine of cent, it is necessary first to the root of the fixed well, its guarantee root of stability, so talents useful to avoid inverted wire drawing machine in the process of operation, in slightly may be severe vibration. ; Second, in the process of the second device, adjust the inverted type wire drawing machine wire tensile axis and the centerline position of the die, the ensure that each other is symmetrical, so stay between mold and wire stress, talent uniform distribution at runtime. In all three, the last guy, don't open a handstand type wire drawing machine, maybe have to parking handstand type wire drawing machine, because we start drawing of cent, rendering the tensile stress will appear abnormal severe conflict, conflict and this time than normal during drawing of conflict. So if you have to start may be parking, is bound to the inverted wire drawing machine mould forming serious wear and tear.
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