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How to clean the soybean milk machine screen pack

by:HONTA     2020-08-27

soybean milk machine constantly upgrading, soybean milk machine screen pack many kinds, different kinds of soybean milk machine screen pack cleaning method is different also, the following one by one introduced: colander type of soybean milk machine filter. Close the screen mesh, steel wire is soft, so remember to use in the water bubble for a while and then water it with clean dish cloth to wipe dry.

if the table fine solids on the screen after dry cleaning is much more trouble. By this time in the warm water soak for half an hour, with a clean toothbrush or steel wire ball slowly scrub. Don't too hard, clean to prevent destruction of mesh. Etching net made of soybean milk machine filter. Early to buy soybean milk machine is belt filter, although soya-bean milk is easy for you to drink, but cleaning filter is a comparative headache thing. Now produced a new type of soybean milk machine is used without web design, so it would facilitate cleaning up. Removed after the net cover. Bean dregs don't out, stuffy, first wash the head, when washing, attached with a soft wet cloth to heating tube head light, from one to another. And then make the bean dregs in the net, brush gently with the toothbrush. Or use to boil the edible alkali water 10 minutes, so also easy to clean. In addition, with boil good edible alkali bubble 10 minutes of easy to clean.

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