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How to realize the industrial energy saving handstand type wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-29

a handstand type wire drawing machine in the process of operation, which will be affected by many uncertain factors, especially the use of die is easy to wear and tear problems. So that would interfere with the running condition of the equipment, but also may cause load increase, this means that the energy consumption will increase. In addition, it may negatively impact the quality of product.

you should know that, if a handstand type wire drawing machine equipment load increase, then the reverse tension also increases. In this way, will seriously affect the running status of equipment, such as wire break line will appear problem easily. Seriously, even will cause serious waste and reduce the production of the products and the percent of pass. So, how should we adjust, to the realization of the aim of can? Aiming at this problem, we think that in the actual operation, should as far as possible to take some effective measures, to ensure that the inverted wire drawing machine equipment stability. For example, we can through the test in the operation of the control system to the voltage and current signals generated by the test, so also can realize the load variation. And then we can according to the change of the load to make appropriate adjustments. That is to say, we can according to the obtained data to adjust the inverted wire drawing machine equipment operation parameters, and try to keep it by the tension stability. As a result, not only can ensure the output, at the same time also can greatly improve work efficiency, also means that the energy saving effect. In addition, we also can consider to use frequency converter to adjust and control, in this way, can make the inverted wire drawing machine equipment greatly improve control precision of system, to meet the needs of the technology. After put into use, compared with before can not only guarantee the quality of products, but also can save a lot of power.

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