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How to use the welding net machine can prolong life

by:HONTA     2020-08-16

mesh welding machine, small make up today for you to learn how to use the welding net machine can prolong life and learn together. Welding net machine maintenance should be performed according to the maintenance procedures. Maintenance procedures for steel mesh welding machine is for equipment daily maintenance requirements and regulations. Must adhere to the implementation of equipment maintenance procedures, prolong the service life of equipment, ensure the safety of working environment and comfortable, inspection on forming machine stencil materials.

when using alternative material, should not be lower than the main mechanical raw materials. Performance indicators. Casting work surface should be smooth, there is no slag, sand casting defects such as cracks, porosity,. The general casting defects can be repaired. Maintenance and requirements should be consistent with the scope of JG/T5011. The rules of the 7. Casting quality should comply with JG/T5011. The provisions of the eight. Welding the weld mesh welding machine should be neat. The same weld width should be consistent. There can be no leakage weld, burn through, defects such as cracks. Welding slag should be clean. Fasteners and connectors should be reliable and dependable. The same manufacturer production of the same type of steel net forming machine parts can be used interchangeably. Strengthen the steel net forming unit should be flexible, stable operation, no abnormal noise. The weft weft line is equipped with precision cutting device and axial positioning device, to ensure uniform weft length, edge neat, no cutting edge. Adopts the elastic bars and grid positioning device net, mesh adjustment is convenient, high precision of mesh, wire diameter can be adjusted in range. Through the above welding net machine, small make up understanding, hope to be able to help you.

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