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Improper use wire drawing machine will accelerate mould wear and tear

by:HONTA     2020-07-20

wire drawing machine is the most commonly used a wire drawing equipment, it can be applied to different materials, the use of performance is very good, but if the operator use undeserved, can make the mould under the influence of adverse, even shorten service life. Take a look at wire drawing machine in use, what are the operating mode is not correct.

in wire drawing process, set up by the compression ratio is not reasonable. This will cause wire drawing machine mould appear scar or broken. This is usually due to internal stress caused by the release. Stress in material is wrong, and wire drawing machine in drawing wire, the internal stress is actually can improve microcrystalline structure of mould, but if the drawing surface compression rate than normal, will be caused by not normal lubrication and surface temperature, resulting in mould surface part of the material transferred, the stress will increase, increase the wear. In wire drawing process, due to the material and the location of the die hole do not match, this kind of situation, can lead to stress on the material and drawing die big and small, and the wire drawing machine vibration impact, will cause very high stress peak value to the wire and the wire drawing die, so that the mold of wear is more serious. Can lead to a quick die wear, the wire drawing machine running process, due to the problem of annealing and the imbalance of the forming material production quality factors, are likely to make the diamond wire drawing die prematurely appear fatigue circumstance, a circular groove, increasing the die wear and tear. May be caused by material conditions. If the processing of the wire surface is not smooth, and also contaminated with oxide layer, sand and other impurities, can make the mould rapid wear. When wire drawing machine wire through die, the oxide layer above or other adhesive material, can cause wire-drawing die die soon wear and scratches the surface of the wire. Fifth, also is one of the most common reason, if the quality of lubrication is unqualified, in wire drawing machine wire drawing process, the die without proper lubrication protection and heat up quickly, cause mould damage.

Collectively, the effect of wire drawing machine on industrial society has been to eliminate cable making equipment and drastically reduce the time long associated with cable making equipment.
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