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In steel wire drawing machine to squeeze never turn to the shaft

by:HONTA     2020-07-27

wire on the drum cooling effect is better. Double mandrel wire drawing machine and pulley wire drawing machine, roller is more, especially between the upper and lower rolls in the middle of the line guide roller, the steel wire through its 180 steel wire drawing machine packed materials are produced when the shaft is not turn what are the cause of longitudinal uneven thickness, the reason is not temperature caused by melting extrusion temperature membrane volatility plasticizing bad caused by traction resonance caused by membrane fluctuation of molten plastic membrane fluctuations within the screw conveying weak without compaction flat wire on the traction roller sliding traction chain or belt sliding traction tension system of uneven tension screw and cylinder clearance is too large sink drawing out the fluctuation in the water film transverse thickness uneven, its reason is the material of the die is not good and not enough machining precision die clearance uneven die clearance too narrow head pressure in all parts of die temperature to adjust inappropriate matters related to above is steel wire drawing machine, hope to be able to help you

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