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In the operating wire drawing machine, which need to pay attention to knowledge

by:HONTA     2020-08-01

wire drawing machine is mainly used for drawing copper wire, its main electric drive part by drawing the line in motor, motor, platoon line. Operation of wire drawing machine when need to pay attention to what knowledge 1 tents, outdoor homework should be set machine, machine should be piled up near the raw materials, semi-finished products of site 2, wire drawing machine installation should be solid, keep the horizontal position. Stationary mechanical reliable base 3, should check the cold-drawn fixture, 'before the clip tooth should be in good condition, pulleys, drag the car should be flexible lubrication, retractor, anchor and protective devices shall be strong. After confirmed that good, just can work 4, with weight control equipment should be matching with the pulley, and should have indicates the marked ups and downs, there is no indication mark should be specialist command. Counterweight box while height should be limited within the above the ground, counterweight frame should have railings and warning signs around 5, operator sends a signal to see the command crew, and can work after all staff leave the danger zone, cold-drawn should slow, even. When there is a stop sign or see someone come into the danger zone, should immediately stop, and slightly loosen the winding wire rope before 6, processing should ensure smooth lubrication system, check the status of drawing oil, whether there is a problem such as foreign impurities, if deterioration problems should be timely replacement of 7, homework should be piled up in the good finished products, cleaning up, cut off the power and lock the switch box, to do a good job of lubrication 8, with elongation control device, shall furnish obvious limit, and shall have the specialist is responsible for the command above is the wire drawing machine related matters, hope to be able to help you

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