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In the use of take-up machine what are the requirements

by:HONTA     2020-07-08

is take-up machine and wire drawing machine supporting the use of, become the ideal size, put away your line of a device. Installation and debugging take-up machine has simple structure, easy to operate. To install, only need to use screws to fix the take-up machine on the concrete surface, and the former procedure, equipment between 4 - reserved 6 m distance. Then for wiring, 380 v power supply, lead access speed controller, speed regulator output torque motor. After connected, wheel in the take-up machine, closing the switch, let the take-up machine idle for a few minutes, to equipment to get up to speed, rear take-up can be normal work. In the use of take-up machine what are the requirements of steel wire in the take-up machine does not produce plastic deformation after the wound on the reel, could neither appear residual bending, play in keeping with the steel wire inherent in laymen steel wire for the same root, in the line in the whole process, the steel wire running to maintain a constant speed, avoid caused by speed fluctuation lines to collect their tensile strength of steel wire after cleaning rod uneven take-up machine in the process of drawing line do not make steel wire surface scratch is take-up machine related matters above, hope to be able to help you

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