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In the use of wire drawing machine equipment possible problems and solutions

by:HONTA     2020-07-09

wire drawing machine, High-speed aluminium wire drawing machine) Refers to wire and cable factory, copper, aluminum wire, wire works in the use of wire drawing machine equipment for drawing filaments may encounter problems and solutions when equipment have abnormal noise need to stop at this time, with the hand to touch the temperature of the reducer is higher, if any, may be a reducer oil shortage, open the gas hole, oil scale to measure the oil level, lack of lubricating oil, shall be added as required. In the operation of the steel bar slot wire wheel groove wear serious, lead to steel tank. Demolition of the original wire wheel, reprocessed qualified wire wheel. Wire drawing machine equipment found in the production of a steel bar diameter change this is a common phenomenon, because of the diamond die is expendable, mould friction inner hole after a long time get bigger, the steel products with bigger diameter. Ordinary mould can process 30 tons, inner hole will gradually get bigger, this time with calipers measure reinforced diameter, if beyond the allowed range, just need to change mould. Above is the related matters of wire drawing machine equipment, hope to be able to help you

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