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In what aspects need to be paid attention to when using galvanized equipment equipment

by:HONTA     2020-08-28

refers to the electroplating contain salts in the solution of metallized, to be metal plating substrate as cathode, through electrolysis, the desire of metallized cation in the plating solution on the metal surface deposition, the matrix form of coating a surface processing method. Coating performance is different from the base metal, with new features. According to the function of the coating can be divided into protective coating, decorative coating and other functional coatings. In what aspects need to be paid attention to when using galvanized equipment pinhole. Pinhole is due to the hydrogen adsorption on the surface of the plating, slow release. When lack of wetting agent and current density in plating solution on the high side, easy to form a pinhole. Pitting. Pitting is due to the workpiece is dirty. Plating solution is dirty. Characteristic is convex, not shiny phenomenon, has no fixed shape. Brittleness of coating. The cause of brittle mostly additive, brightener, excessive or inorganic in the plating solution. Organic impurities caused by too much. When the crack between nickel layer and matrix, judgement is the nickel layer brittleness. When the crack between tin and nickel layer, judgement is the tin layer brittleness. Air flow. Airflow stripe is due to the excessive additive, a second, cathode current density is too high, three complexing agent is too high. If the plating solution flow is slow, cathode moves slowly, in the process of hydrogen on the workpiece surface rising influence the arrangement of electrode was presented, and the formation of lines flow from bottom to top. Air pocket. The formation of air pocket is formed due to the shape of the workpiece and the conditions of pneumatosis. When plating, as long as pay attention to hook the direction of the workpiece can avoid the phenomenon of air pocket. The mask plating. Mask is due to the plating surface is pin parts of a soft material overflow did not remove, not here for electrode deposition coating. ” Climb the tin & quot; 。 This is because the pretreatment, plating copper brush wash SMD framework, and embedded wear down the copper powder of blackbody is not easy to wash, to become conductive & quot; Bridge & quot; , as long as the electrode metal plating on & quot; Bridge & quot; Extension, dendritic deposition climb from connecting with other copper powder, tin area is more and more big. Encapsulation blackbody open & quot; Tin flower & quot; 。 In black tin coating, when this is due to the tube welding line, gold parabolic up too high, thanks to gold when exposed in black body surface, tin plating on the gold, like a flower. Orange peel coating. When the substrate is rough, before or during the processing of a corrosion phenomenon or in Ni42Fe + Cu substrate before plating processing, some copper layer has been removed, and some areas haven't refund in addition to copper layer, the entire surface of the hair flower is not smooth. ” Palpus tin & quot; 。 This is because the SMD framework with mask plating silver, mask plating device is not tight, without also silver plated silver. In powder coating, there are some silver layer dew outside the black body. And silver layer pry up when processing before plating, plating on the silver tin tin like palpus or piles. To overcome the silver layer exposed is one of the keys to yan silver plating technology. Above is galvanized equipment related issues, the hope can help you

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