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Information about the structure and component of wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-11

belong to pre processing equipment for the production of standard parts and other metal products, the purpose is to put the production by the steel manufacturer to standard parts and other metal products production enterprise of wire or rod through the wire drawing machine drawing processing, make the diameter of wire or rod, roundness, internal metallurgical structure, surface finish and straightening degrees are required for standard parts and other metal products production of raw materials processing requirements. Wire drawing machine for the pretreatment of the wire or rod quality is directly related to standard parts and other metal products production enterprise of product quality. Wire drawing machine belongs to the metal products industry metal wire wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine is widely used in steel wire, wire rope, PC wire, standard parts and other metal products production and processing. Below is about the wire drawing machine the introduction of the structure and component of centering structure: a roller or alloy can be used into the mouth of volume reinforced fixed into the line location device, of course, also can be combined with alloy into the mouth of roller centering effect more armor. Round shell: especially for wire rod steel wiredrawing phosphorus before cleaning device. Drawing plate: also known as wire drawing cans, wire drawing pot, disc wheel, this part is the motive force of steel wire drawing machine parts, function is to drag and drop of steel wire drawing. Wire-drawing die box: should not only can place the diamond die also has the function of serving lubrication powder or lubricants. Electronic parts: also belong to the control system of steel wire drawing machine, according to the requirement of wire drawing machine order frequency, step-down, electric control, spreading or higher level of control cabinet. Winding structure: after drawing the wire coiling, design consideration when winding weight and volume is convenient for the purpose. The above is the wire drawing machine related matters, hope to be able to help you.

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