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Introduction to metal wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-06-30

in the production of metal wire drawing metal mechanical abbreviation for wire drawing machine. There are many types of wire drawing machine, according to the drawing wire diameter size can be divided into: micro machine ( Wire diameter units:) Pull machine, small ( Wire diameter units: 0. Xmm) , of the machine ( Wire diameter units: mm) Pull machine, large ( Wire diameter units: 1 mm x) 。 From the wire drawing machine internal control mode and the mechanical structure, and can be divided into tank, pulley, such as type straight into the main several.

for different requirement, different rules of precision products, different kinds of metal material, can choose different specifications of the wire drawing machine machinery. In wire production enterprises and high-end silk material, according to material properties, its accuracy and drawing with high stability, so using straight into type wire drawing machine. Despite the different drawing technology, its working process can be basically divided into pay-off, wire drawing, wire etc. 3 part of the process. Metal wire is the most fundamental and most commonly used metal processing products. Steel wire, for the wire drawing machine link, its control accuracy requirement not too high, most of the wire drawing machine, the operation of the pay-off is achieved by frequency converter drive motorized, but there are also part of the double frequency conversion control wire drawing machine, even directly through the drawing link thread tension draft sent to wire drawing machine, free pay-off. Drawing part is a wire drawing machine is the most important work. Different metal materials, silk varieties and requirements, drawing link is very different, determines the whole work of the take-up speed wire drawing machine machinery production efficiency, is also the hardest part to control the whole system. This part, the commonly used control technology with synchronous control and tension control winding of metal products. As the country is becoming more and more attention of non-renewable resources, advocate thrift, across the wire and cable industry, more and more manufacturers begin to try to develop new production equipment, such as copper clad aluminum equipment. In the fierce competition in the wire drawing machine market, microcontroller development of special controller and wire drawing machine dedicated inverter system although the structure is simple and low cost, but with strict process conditions of high-end wire drawing machine, system integration by the touch screen, PLC and converter has more excellent automatic control technology advantage.

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