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Inverted wire drawing machine and the comparison of ordinary wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-14

although inverted wire drawing machine and ordinary wire drawing machine are belong to wire drawing equipment, and its main function is basically consistent, but the actual use of the two has the very big difference. Do you know a handstand type wire drawing machine and ordinary wire drawing machine what is the difference? We came to this problem under the simple introduction, hope can help to you.

by comparison, inverted wire drawing machine equipment on the function is more complete, because the device with the double function of drawing and drawing line at the same time, so that users in the use of time, not only more convenient, at the same time also can reduce the cost of part. Only the ordinary wire drawing machine wire drawing functions, so at the time of use, also need to coordinate with other equipment instrument use, it will have trouble. Second, both on the structure also has a significant difference between the two. By comparison, inverted wire drawing machine's structure is more complex, its mainly by motor, deceleration machine, the drawing drum, frame, coil, cars, etc. And these different institutions to cooperate with each other well, to ensure the equipment running smoothly; And ordinary wire drawing machine era is simple, only need the motor, reducer, drum, and frame can be composed of a device. The third aspect, on the composition of the ease of in a very different. Because the inverted wire drawing machine structure is complicated, so at the time of assembly and more complex, and repair work is more troublesome, at the same time its for maintenance of the equipment maintenance requirements are very high, often need to follow the manufacturer to make the maintenance manual to perform. But it is in the line in with the market continuously heavy wire drawing operation but also has the very good handling, drawing speed is adjustable, etc. In addition, in the use of inverted wire drawing machine equipment, the user can also according to the requirement of the actual processing, to set the different processing speed, more simple and safe to operate. And ordinary wire drawing machine's advantage is that the price is low, cover an area of an area small.

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