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Inverted wire drawing machine improper operation can cause what consequence

by:HONTA     2020-07-14

as a user, we must be aware of the importance of the correct operating equipment, otherwise, will cause a series of adverse consequences. So, in operating a handstand type wire drawing machine equipment, if improper operation, cause what kind of consequences? Below we will introduce this aspect of the content, the hope can help to you.

if the operating inverted wire drawing machine equipment, set by the compression ratio is not in conformity with the requirements, so it is easy to cause the diamond die wound or broken. As you all know, the material itself will exist certain internal stress, therefore in the process of drawing, produced by the internal stress can actually play the role of to improve its internal structure. However, if the drawing surface compression rate than normal, will wear heavier impact the service life of mould. The second most common problem is that the staff in the operating inverted wire drawing machine equipment, did not adjust the location of the material and die to state, in this way, can cause the material and drawing die stress when small, very unstable. In such a state, the equipment is easy to impact, but also can cause very high stress peak value to the wire and the wire drawing die, also can aggravate the mould wear and tear. The third problem is the use of more common material there have been some problems. During the process of drawing, for example, we use the wire surface is not smooth, even contaminated with oxide layer, sand and other impurities. So that will also increase inverted wire drawing machine equipment wire drawing die wear degree. In addition, it may cause scratch on the surface of the wire, etc. In addition to the above described several ways, there is another reason also need our attention. That is in the operating inverted wire drawing machine equipment, shall also ensure the quality of lubrication is good. Otherwise, will also lead to die in a short time severe damage.

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