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Inverted wire drawing machine in the production of two control points is what

by:HONTA     2020-07-13

in the production of a lot of work, we often need to focus on more critical of some of the work. For the inverted wire drawing machine equipment, we are in the process of operation, paying special attention to one of two critical control points. The first is to control the tension of the container, the other is to control the finished product line segment. Look at the below details.

first of all, let us know the what is the tension of the packet. In fact, as a handstand type wire drawing machine in one part of the tension memory's main role is to ensure that the entire production process line of linear velocity and winding speed, thus can realize on-line operation. So, in the actual operation, how can we control the key points? For this problem, we can from two aspects to answer. The first control point is to control the compressed air. Because of the pressure control is mainly for, so I need the proper pressure to adjust its size. Another need to pay attention to the problem is the inverted wire drawing machine of line segments. That is to say, we should control the process line line, to keep its balance. So, in a handstand type wire drawing machine product line segment, we mainly, what kind of questions should be controlled well? In general, is to use high quality wire basket, at the same time should also pay attention to control the pitch and the rows of itinerary, etc. Of course, should also control the pressure of compressed air. Above are mainly introduced about the operating inverted wire drawing machine equipment, we need to grasp a few control points. Hope that we can master this aspect of the content, better operating inverted wire drawing machine.

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