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It is recommended to use triangle reason for wire drawing machine?

by:HONTA     2020-07-07

if you want to choose a wire drawing machine, it is to be able to meet the requirements of all kinds of flat surface wire drawing processing, so recommend choose triangle wire drawing machine. This is a kind of what kind of equipment? What its distinctive characteristics? Triangle wire drawing machine is a kind of surface of wire drawing processing equipment, pull all require tablet before silking, can use this kind of equipment. And with triangular wire drawing machine after the processing of the workpiece surface texture rendering is clear in laymen silking, and level off, smooth and good visual effect. If for drawing the plank after oxidation treatment, there will be further improve quality. Thus, triangular wire drawing machine can be applied to all kinds of product surface repair, flat, surface grinding, wire drawing, sanding, grinding, etc. , and has a different effect, such as short straight silking, silking, snowflakes silking, etc. , can be adjusted according to requirements.


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