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Loop type wire drawing machine is introduced

by:HONTA     2020-07-01

loop type wire drawing machine, mainly in order to further improve the quality of steel wire and drawing speed. It was also a non-slip wire drawing machine, it is in a traditional wire drawing machine was improved, on the basis of simplifying the route taken between each drum steel wire, steel wire in the process of drawing not torsion, axial and the adoption of a dc motor, stepless speed regulation can achieve wide range.

to expand the range on the selection of elongation between drum and wire drawing machine can run in the most proper working condition. And loop in the process of drawing on each drum produces a tensile or reverse. In loop tension and looping back pull drawing, can make the drawing force decreases, and extend the service life of drawing die and reduce kinetic energy consumption loop type wire drawing machine is a kind of automatic adjustment of continuous wire drawing machine. Theoretically, the steel wire of the compression ratio limits and machine can force parameters of less than, as long as the overall process compression ratio is greater than or equal to the machine total compression ratio, a kind of technology for any mold fitting machine can automatically adjust the complete drawing process. So the loop type wire drawing machine is a kind of more advanced wire drawing machine, suitable for small and medium-sized specification drawing of high strength steel and alloy steel. Loop type wire drawing machine fault is due to using dc drive, electric control system, the machine manufacturing cost is high, the maintenance is difficult for different specifications and varieties of steel wire drawing need to adjust the loop tension; So to the operation of the machine technology level the demand is higher. Roller is more, in addition the aircraft crossed the line stringing more complex, more of wire bending can't drawing large size wire and hard materials.

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