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Made use of round plastic wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-24

actual operation found that when using traditional plastic wire drawing machine can't finish drawing assignments are surface, thereby directly reduce the quality of the workpiece. Recently, out on the market a new type of surface plastic wire drawing machine, is designed specifically for this problem, and see how it is produced?

create new surface plastic wire drawing machine, it is the first come into contact with elevator parts, are considered in this part of the production of abrasive belt smooth handling. After many of adjustment and reasoning, to determine the foot rack, rocker screw and the position of the motor, in the process, the biggest difficulty is the four synchronous operation of the shaft. Finally thought of a bearing on the fixed way. Due to some circular arc curve is not rules, so the center of the circle is not fixed, but to guarantee the smooth curve drawing, will have to determine the center of the circle. How to coordinate both? According to production requirements, manual operation to find center first, and then on the origin of rivet screws, wire drawing depends on the screw to get stuck in the process of the workpiece, ensure the drawing smoothly. This can solve the problem of a curved wire drawing equipment parts, but also improve the efficiency and quality of wire drawing, wire drawing with uniform especially out.

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