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Metal wire drawing machine operation and maintenance

by:HONTA     2020-04-03
Due to metal wire drawing machine is production enterprises in the pretreatment of rods and bars, a device for the post processing of the quality of the products production enterprises play a decisive role, so in the wire drawing machine operation should always be cautious when memory, before mount guard wire drawing machine operators must do the points: 1. Wire drawing machine operators to careful, patience to learn all kinds of operation mode and the working principle of wire drawing machine; 2. Wire drawing machine operators to develop production equipment in the workshop on related operations, not string for operation, lest cause operation accidents; 3. Wire drawing machine operators also carefully before operate to master the basic technical parameters and performance index of wire drawing machine; 4. Wire drawing machine operators must be familiar with drawing machine operation, maintenance, and maintenance of the equipment. The use of any mechanical parts will have a certain time limit, due to the high speed mechanical equipment, some of the parts under friction damage cases requires the operator to maintain or change, this is requires operators to maintain the wiredrawing equipment necessary for maintenance operation. Then drawing machine maintenance and repair work to change how to do? 1. Wire drawing machine in operating a month or so will each downtime for maintenance and repair work on time, normally downtime for 4 hours. 2. In the process of wire drawing machine operation to maintain wiredrawing equipment outside of the clean health work. 3. In the process of wire drawing machine maintenance to check gas pipeline and the quick connectors are in good condition. 4. View the upper and lower bearing seat and the degree of the elevating screw lubrication, when necessary to use grease gun for lubrication. 5. In the process of inspection to timely discharge air filter in the water. 6. To pay attention to the balance adjustment of wire drawing machine maintenance.
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