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Part of the drawing machine of straight into and correct operation method

by:HONTA     2020-04-05
Straight into the wire drawing machine is the efficiency of the best in the wire drawing machine equipment products, pull out the wire quality is good, cooling. Is a kind of product sales is very large, drawing machine of straight into the advantage of high efficiency, low production cost, wire standard is very high, was deeply loved by drawing the enterprise. We know about the below part of the drawing machine of straight into. Drawing machine of straight into the pay-off equipment, drawing equipment and line equipment. Pay-off device consists of two duck-billed grail pay-off institutions into, each maximum bearing can be up to 2. 5 tons. When in use, are using a plate blank lines end with another spare the thrum of the billet, when in use of billet after use, is automatically transferred to another dish, realizing non-stop pay-off. Straight into the drawing unit is equipped with a heavy wheel of pay-off device, in order to meet the different alignment requirements. Drawing equipment is composed of nine dry drawing unit, for the convenience of the broader market heavy word wheel alignment are enough in time, don't have to stop in round, will be the first drawing unit design for pulley, the rest are all straight into the type. Straight into the other type wire drawing machine mould is forcing water, however, that can take heat away in a short time, ensure the hardness of high speed drawing mould when. That is to say, effective cooling, one is the prerequisite to realize the high-speed drawing. As for the line in straight into the type of wire drawing machine parts, is can meet the wheel at the same time the market the line in heavy market take-up, wire frame, the common small banding compatible. In the practical work, this kind of drawing machine of straight into the line in can also according to different requirements at any time to switch, improve work efficiency. Thai achieves each article in the official website has a very high technology content and share experience sharing, we tell about drawing machine of straight into a little knowledge of 1. How to view straight into type wire drawing machine and motor match? Mainly see the specific model and product specification of wire drawing machine, etc. 2. Diameter of wire drawing machine for artificial technicians have any requirements? Diameter of wire drawing machine for the mechanic operation has certain requirements, in order to avoid blind or mistakes operation, so as to damage the machinery, equipment or cause personal injury. 3. How long straight into the type of wire drawing machine maintenance? Straight into the type wire drawing machine's warranty for the life of the equipment plays a very important role, is usually conducted once a month. First stop, then.
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