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Pull wire drawing machine of monofilament surfaces have different degree of oxidation of reason and solution

by:HONTA     2020-08-09

wire drawing machine according to its USES can be divided into metal wire drawing machine, Used for standard parts and other metal products production preparation) , plastic wire drawing machine, Used in plastic products industry in polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester chip, etc as raw material to produce various hollow, solid wire or flat wire for deep processing of special equipment) , bamboo wire drawing machine, Used for bamboo and wood products in the industry for chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue bar pull such as bamboo, wood wool reprocessing of special equipment) And so on. Wire drawing machine to pull out the monofilament surfaces have different degree of oxidation of reason and the solution of the sealed chamber coolant saponification liquid content is not enough, it will increase the friction force of monofilament with the idler pulley, thereby enabling monofilament temperature rise again, causing monofilament surface oxidation. Seal chamber of the cooling water pressure and water quantity is not enough, make monofilament cannot achieve satisfactory cooling effect. Seal chamber of the cooling water temperature is too high, more than 40 ℃, the sealed chamber of monofilament is less than the required cooling effect, causing monofilament after annealing temperature is still high, high temperatures in the presence of oxygen in the air. Solution to check the equipment of the circulating water cooling is operating normally, the cooling effect is normal; Every time to join in the sealed chamber can improve saponification liquid concentration of substances, so that we can change the saponification liquid content in the cooling water, ensure the monofilament on the wheel to the normal operation of regular inspection of the circulating water pressure is normal, according to the variation of water pressure in production continuously to change into the sealed chamber of the cooling water pressure and water. Above is the wire drawing machine related matters, hope to be able to help you

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