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Pulley drawing machine structure characteristics, how to avoid in the process of wire drawing machine wire drawing copper oxide?

by:HONTA     2020-04-07
There are many different kinds of wire drawing machine, now we know a decline in wheeled wire drawing machine, only by carefully understand the pulley and the structure characteristics of wire drawing machine can not affect the correct use of pulley of wire drawing machine, pulley is one of the types of wire drawing machine wire drawing machine, roller wire drawing machine is a main reducer, mould box, wheel frame, the line and the electrical control system, its structure characteristics are as follows: 1. Pulley of wire drawing machine installed on the cover body is vertical drawing drum, is by motor through a gear coupling transmission, and, for different ratio of cylindrical gear reducer, thus, the drawing drum rotating work. 2. On the inner wall of the wire drawing machine, cooling water spray device used to reduce the roll surface temperature. And die immersion in water, it can be to reduce the working temperature of mould. Stainless steel spring wire, that is, in the production of pulley of wire drawing machine. And pulley wire drawing machine is widely used in automotive, electronic, mechanical, metallurgical and light industry, etc. These industries. But it is important to note that the drawing die of the working area, should be determined by wire compression ratio. Also, to do a good job of sizing drawing die. In our wire drawing machine sales process will often have customers use wire drawing machine equipment drawing copper wire will be finished by oxidation phenomenon, when we discuss about the wire drawing machine wire drawing for this problem that how to avoid copper oxidation in the process of problem. 1. Before we drawing copper wire to choose high quality raw materials, now some manufacturer of copper raw materials for raw materials and didn't do any packaging, so after we purchase of raw materials will meet the phenomenon of dark red, raw materials while in the process of drawing oxidation layer on the surface of the raw materials will fall off, but we are still carefully check raw materials, the choose and buy the raw material is confirmed without oxidized phenomenon occurred. If the raw materials have been oxidized phenomenon, in the process of drawing the ultra filament broken wires phenomenon will occur, and the probability of broken wires increases. 2. In the process of drawing, bus must be used before put into production the anti-rust paper package. 3. And work in wire drawing machine, personnel must be regularly observed wire drawing oil enhanced additionally. 4. Staff in daily work regularly to test the pipeline pumps, eliminate congestion situation. 5. During the wiredrawing equipment running, staff must ensure that the valve opening in accordance with the requirements, otherwise it will affect the cooling copper. 6. In the daily work of the staff to regular inspection of wire drawing die and maintenance, once the wire drawing die entrance accumulation overmuch copper powder can affect the effect of cooling and lubrication of copper wire, copper wire caused the finished product of rust. 7. Outside the wire drawing oil also note that good control of the pH value, shall generally be kept at about 9. And during the running of the wire drawing machine equipment, must ensure that its speed meets the requirements, speeding the production is not allowed. 8. During the use of wire drawing machine, must establish the perfect management system.
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