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Running water tank type wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-02

about water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, we have introduced a lot of content, I believe you already know it very for the device. Its in the process of drawing, mainly through multiple drawing head drawing, that will eventually make the wire to reach the required size. Then the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment how to run? Together to see the specific content.

in fact, in the whole drawing process, we can also see that the device only needs can be driven by an electric motor. Due to the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment in the process of drawing, the use of wire drawing die with different specifications, so we also need to be adjusted according to the situation each drawing head drawing rate. In the practical work, for the regulation of the drawing rate, we need to follow certain benchmark requirements. So, when adjusted to, we need to guarantee in through the wire drawing die, as far as possible at any time should be keep water tank type wire drawing machine equipment of wire traffic volume stability of seconds, then this shall be a formula: 2 v1 = PI PI D D 2 v2. In this formula, D represents the diameter of the wire into the line, and the v1 represents the rate into the line of wire line, D is the diameter of the wire steel wire, v2 rate refers to the qualification of wire line. In fact, that is to say, the water tank type wire drawing machine drawing of all the different drawing head rate is based on the formula to adjust, so as to ensure the normal operation of the drawing first. Because the drawing is accomplished by machine shaft drawing, so, we should also pay attention to keep the coordination and cooperation between the tensile system at all levels. In the process of drawing, we also need to consider the heat dissipation problem. Because of the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment has good cooling effect, thus in the process of drawing, can guarantee the wire accord with a standard to ask.

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