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Slide the technology of high-speed aluminium wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-06-30

sliding type high speed aluminum wire drawing machine is mainly composed of pay-off device sliding type wire drawing machine, take-up tension controller, double plate automatic take-up machine, etc. Pay-off device, pay-off device for aircraft with double location pay-off stand in a row, by aluminium pole butt welding can realize double disk continuous steel coil aluminum rod.

slide wire drawing host drum diameter of 450 mm, the metering and drawing drum driven by different motor, and the speed is adjustable, can realize quick die change. Drawing drum using 45 # steel, surface spraying, tungsten carbide, high surface hardness, light. Paragraphs stay mould lubrication cooling adopts spray method, drawing drum adopts a half submerged method, circulating cooling, to ensure that the cooling effect. Due to the constant speed cooling water circulation. At present, the domestic sliding aluminium wire drawing machine wire drawing maximum speed of about 25 m/s. Take-up tension controller take-up tension controller ensure the take-up has certain tension and synchronization with the host, give take-up servo signal, and any m function. Double disk automatic take-up machine double plate automatic take-up machine will be drawn after aluminium wire winding in this tray. Linear velocity tracking host drawing speed, when the take-up length is close to the given length. Signal by the meter, automatic switch from plateful to empty plate. Implement continuous line, automatic plate change the success rate of more than 99%. When switch to complete, plateful stalling, equipped with line pressing roller pressure aluminum outer, aluminium wire will not be loose.

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