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Steel bar welded mesh characteristics and development prospects

by:HONTA     2020-08-18

steel bar welded mesh is considered by domestic grandpa a new, highly effective, high quality construction steel reinforced concrete structures and a large number of applications in industrial and civil building floor, roof, wall, floor, concrete pavement and bridge deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, concrete pipe, pile, etc.

steel bar welded mesh characteristics: reinforced installation can be cut down a lot of working hours, less than to rolling network with artificial 50% ~ 70%. Horizontal bar, for example, to 10 mm diameter, spacing of 200 mm, in essentially the same conditions, the installation of welding net consumption on the number of working hours for the installation of bulk steel 30%, on average every 14 ~ 17 h T use less. The stress of the welded mesh reinforcement and distribution of reinforcement with smaller diameter, match with a dense reinforcement spacing, reinforcement's bridge of longitudinal reinforcement and transverse reinforcement form reticular structure joint bond anchorage effect, is helpful to prevent the production and development of concrete cracks, road surface, floor, floor configuration welding net can reduce concrete surface crack is about 75%. Especially with large area concrete engineering, welding net mesh size is very neat, far more than with manual binding network, mesh stiffness, good elasticity, pouring concrete reinforcing steel bar is not easy to local bending, deformation and sliding phenomenon, thickness of concrete cover is easy to control, uniform, significantly improve the quality of reinforced concrete engineering. Welded mesh has good comprehensive economic benefits, while welding net unit price is higher than the bulk of steel, but the design of the welded mesh steel bar intensity 50% higher than level 1 reinforced ( Smooth steel welding net) ~ 70% ( Ribbed steel bar welded mesh) After considering some structural requirements, still can save reinforced by about 30%, coupled with the diameter of 12 mm below the scattered the reinforced processing fee of 10% to 15% of the cost of raw materials. Comprehensive consideration, Compared with the grade 1 bar) Can decrease the reinforcement engineering cost about 20%. Welded steel fabric development prospects: steel welding net road construction is one of the world steel industry development trend. Welded steel fabric piece of this new form of reinforcement, especially suitable for large area concrete engineering. In cold drawn ribbed steel bar, hot-rolled steel level III widely and rapid popularization and application of welding net development provides a good material basis. Welded mesh product standards and procedures of using formal enforcement, to improve product quality, accelerate application has played a positive role. Our country has a great potential market demand for welded steel fabric piece. Welded steel fabric in aesthetic likeable. China is the world's superpower steel. The development of welded steel fabric in the domestic already have soft and hard conditions.

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